Recruitment for the short form multimedia workshop! MAŁECKI, ŁUCZAK and LACH.

The short form multimedia workshop course is primarily aimed at artists who apart from taking pictures , would like to expand their knowledge and develop their skills towards the short forms of documentary using film, sound and photography. The first edition of the workshop is a chance to work on a new project, but also an opportunity to learn from the experience of photographers who create and publish long-term projects, winners of major Polish and international awards in the photography and multimedia contests.

Lectures: Piotr Malecki / Napo Images , Michal Luczak / Sputnik Photos , Adam Lach / Napo Images.

The workshop will be held from 12-16 May 2014. in Warsaw.

Cost of the workshop : 2500,00 PLN.

Number of participants - maximum of 6 people.

Submission is open till April 20.

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Organizers: Foundation Napo, Short Docs Media

They support us: "Doc ! Photo Magazine", and

Please contact Monika Szewczyk-Wittek at