Filip Ćwik - inside / outside

On Wendesday May 19, 2010 water on Vistula river reached the highest level in this region since 1860. The anti-flood dam broke at 6.40 am in Kocmierzow. Water flooded living quarters in Sandomierz, surrounding villages and almost entire Tarnobrzeg county. On Saturday June 5, the second wave of flooding came, bringing even more destruction.
Sandomierz is the one of the hardest hit places in the country. When water levels dropped, enormous losses became clearly visible. That brought frustration to the town's citizens, who are now planning to sue the Polish government for not sufficiently securing the banks of Vistula river to prevent such a disastrous flood.
This series of images consists entirely of interiors of the houses on Bosmanska street in Sandomierz and Kocmierzow