About us

Napo Images was created in November 2008 by Filip Cwik, Wojciech Grzedzinski, Piotr Malecki, Adam Lach, Maciek Jeziorek, Ewa Meissner and Monika Szewczyk, who share their passion for creating and promoting documentary photography. In 2017 Karolina Jonderko joined Napo Images.

We focus on long-term projects, dealing with important social, cultural and political issues.
Napo Images photographers document the problems of modern man and the world, paying special attention to the best form of transfer to their recipients. Mutual inspiration and going beyond the classic definition of a document and reportage result in publications in Polish and international press titles, awards and exhibitions, both in Poland and abroad.

Currently, the members of Napo Images also work in other visual fields - they create, among others documentaries and collages. What do all our activities have in common? We observe, register and comment on reality. Each of us in our own unique way.

from left: Piotr Małecki, Ewa Meissner, Filip Ćwik, Karolina Jonderko, Maciej Jeziorek i Adam Lach