Piotr Małecki: Wika

Piotr Małecki

Wika Szmit is 74 years old and a pensioner. Three times a week she runs discos at the Bolek club in Warsaw. Produced, edited and shot by Piotr Malecki. Part of an ongoing series about life in Warsaw.

Piotr Małecki: Beef Factory

Beef Factory
Piotr Małecki

In America, meat is big business. The meat and poultry industry is the largest sector of US agriculture, grossing an impressive US $ 155 billion in 2009 and employing a total of some 6.2 million people in companies involved in meat production along with their suppliers, distributors, retailers and other connected industries.

Piotr Malecki set out to look at the diverse components – from cowboys to slaughterers and meat packers -that make America’s meat industry such a colossal economic venture. His journey took him through the US state of Kansas, one of the main localities for beef production.

Adam Lach: Polish Tsunami

Polish Tsunami
Adam Lach

Dutch politics threaten Polish tsunami and homeless polish people on the streets of Rotterdam and Hague. Dutch farmers are afraid that without the poles were declared bankrupt.

Adam Lach: Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach
Adam Lach

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, the largest and most popular Black Sea holiday resort, with around 600 hotels and 400 restaurants. Known as the Las Vegas of the Eastern Europe. Discoteques, nightclubs, restaurants, amusement parks and hotels light-up the coastline at night. This sea resort attracts the rich and famous, mafia members, politicians and international tourists. It is a different world within one of the poorest nations in the European Union.

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