Poland in protests
Images by Adam Lach

For several months now, anti-government protests have intensified - it is a reaction to controversial government regulations and statutory changes. The issue of pandemic decisions that are not publicly consulted, authoritarian actions in the media, social and judicial space.

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Posted by NAPO on 4th March 2021

"How to Rejuvenate an Eagle" shortlisted for The Book of the Year

We feel honored to share with you this most important nomination. The nomination itself makes us happy like no other award. Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo shortlisted our book “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” to the Book of the Year 2020 Award. 

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Posted by NAPO on 9th October 2020

Wounded Birds are Wary
Exhibition: Adam Lach

Over the past three-and-a-half years, Adam and Dyba Lach have passed through Poland A, Poland B, and Polands of every other letter. Their work itinerary recalls the heyday of reportage, when editorial offices sent reporters to regions around the country simply to check in with how things were on the ground. A reporter wasn’t given unlimited time, but still had ample opportunity to properly cover an area, and even to grow bored with it.

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Posted by NAPO on 7th July 2020

The Photo Icon of 30 years of changes in Poland

Adam Lach's photograph became the winner of the International Competition “Icon of 30 Years – Freedom and Solidarity”. In the opinion of the Jury, this photo tells a story of freedom, solidarity and independence. It shows the strength and uncompromising nature of us, Poles...

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Posted by NAPO on 5th July 2019

Adam Lach won Grand Press Photo

Adam Lach won the Photo of the Year in the 2018 International Grand Press Photo Competition. The award-winning photograph depicts participants in protests against reforms of the Polish judiciary; the photo was taken in July 2017 in front of the Supreme Court.

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Posted by NAPO on 18th May 2018

Napo Images Exhibition in Ostroleka (Poland)

Napo Images exhibition in Ostroleka (Poland)
Exhibition open: 5-31.10 /  pl. gen. J. Bema 14/ Galeria Ostroleka. 

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Posted by NAPO on 6th October 2017

Two awards for Napo Images members - Karolina Jonderko and Adam Lach

GRAND PRESS PHOTO 2017. Two awards for Napo Images members: Karolina Jonderko for "REBORN" long-term project and Adam Lach for "Neveralnd" book. Photo: Maciej Jeziorek

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Posted by NAPO on 19th May 2017

Poles Apart | exhibition at Center of European Studies, Harvard
by Napo Images photographers

Napo Images Exhibition at the Harvard University: "Poles Apart. Poland's Culture Wars". Photographs by Ewa Meissner, Filip Cwik, Maciej Jeziorek, Adam Lach and Piotr Malecki from Napo Images.

Curators: Grzegorz Ekiert, Jan Kubasiewicz and Maciek Nabrdalik.

Where: The Jacek E.Giedrojc Gallery Harvard University

When: Art Exhibit Opening: THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017, 6 PM.

MORE INFO - Center of European Studies, Harvard

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Posted by NAPO on 24th April 2017

Adam Lach's "Neverland" in The New York Times

Adam Lach's project "Neverland" in The New York Times with text by Ania Bartkowiak.

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Posted by NAPO on 1st August 2016

Neverland book


– only 45 copies
– signed book
– 1 archival pigment and signed print (22×20 cm)

Nibyland is an attempt to define the contemporary dimension of a community, and what shapes the identity of a place and its inhabitants.
The life of small communities is subjected to significant changes. The modern world, set to the fast pace of life and the development of big cities, provokes us to greater anonymity - how, against this trend, do relationships look in a small community?

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Posted by NAPO on 28th July 2016

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