Migration crisis at the Polish-Belarussian border
Images by Piotr Malecki

The end of 2021. Thousands of illegal migrants, mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, are stuck on both sides of the Polish-Belarusian border. In extremely difficult autumn and winter conditions, they try to get across the green border to the European Union. In this way, the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenka is trying to punish a neighboring country for supporting the pro-democracy movement against his rule. Poland introduces a state of emergency, deploys tens of thousands of uniformed services along the border and legalizes the so-called push-back - pushing people back across the border. At the same time, non-governmental organizations associated with the "Granica Group" try to help the most vulnerable people.

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Posted by NAPO on 31st December 2021

School, Virtually
exhibition: Piotr Malecki

Open-air exhibition "School, Virtualy". 12/04 to 7/04/2021. Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole.

The story:,story/

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Posted by NAPO on 13th April 2021

"Disco Polo" by Piotr Malecki

Exhibition open 21/11 - 11/11/2019
Curated by Joanna Kinowska
Służewski Dom Kultury
ul.  Bacha 15 02-743 Warsaw

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Posted by NAPO on 3rd December 2019

Napo Images Exhibition in Ostroleka (Poland)

Napo Images exhibition in Ostroleka (Poland)
Exhibition open: 5-31.10 /  pl. gen. J. Bema 14/ Galeria Ostroleka. 

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Posted by NAPO on 6th October 2017

Poles Apart | exhibition at Center of European Studies, Harvard
by Napo Images photographers

Napo Images Exhibition at the Harvard University: "Poles Apart. Poland's Culture Wars". Photographs by Ewa Meissner, Filip Cwik, Maciej Jeziorek, Adam Lach and Piotr Malecki from Napo Images.

Curators: Grzegorz Ekiert, Jan Kubasiewicz and Maciek Nabrdalik.

Where: The Jacek E.Giedrojc Gallery Harvard University

When: Art Exhibit Opening: THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017, 6 PM.

MORE INFO - Center of European Studies, Harvard

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Posted by NAPO on 24th April 2017

DISKO | the culture of fun
Piotr Malecki

exhibition between 31.03 and 15.04.2016 at Pix House gallery, Poznan, Poland
opening Thursday 31.03 at 6.30 pm
images by Renata Dabrowska, Maciej Dakowicz and Piotr Malecki

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Posted by NAPO on 31st March 2016

"Out of the Blue" film by Piotr Malecki

"Out of the Blue" film by Piotr Małecki will be shown at the 15. International Film Festival Watch Docs (7.12 and 10.12)! 

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Posted by NAPO on 6th December 2015

"Out of the Blue" documentary film by Piotr Malecki

Documentary film "Out of the Blue" ("Budzik")
by Piotr Malecki will be featured in the
main competition programme of
DOK Leipzig festival 2015! 

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Posted by NAPO on 7th October 2015

Exhibition "Disco Polo" by Piotr Malecki

Disco Polo” by Piotr Małecki will be presented at the exhibition
in Opole (OFFOTO Festival), 3.10.2015.

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Posted by NAPO on 23rd September 2015

Napo Foundation's Mentor Program II

Napo Foundation members have invited two following photographers Michal Adamski and Filip Skronc that had been selected for the second Mentor Program. We would like to thank Karolina Jonderko and Mateusz Sarello for the two inspiring years of working together and the emotions that they have provided us with all their successes. THANK YOU!

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Posted by NAPO on 9th December 2014

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