7th May 2019


"Warsaw 2008-2018 Exhbition Meissner"

Exhibition "Warsaw 2008 - 2018" by Ewa Meissner.
Date: 09.05 - 30.05.2019
Exhibition opening and author's meeting: 09.05 at 6:00pm
Place: galeria, 35a Glogowska Street in Poznan 
The project "Warsaw 2008 - 2018" is a record of images from the city life, pulsating with the intensity of colors and silhouettes of residents suspended between dynamic modernity and traces of history, architectural whims and enclaves of nature, looped in neverending streets.
Warsaw is hesitant, aggressive, arrogant, brave, vain and ambitious.
Summer 2009, Moniuszki street, the photo wall paper in the Grazynka Cafe will soon disappear from the map of Warsaw.
Soon after, there will be a comment on the web: "I would not blame anyone for the fall of Grazynka, except for the invisible hand of the market." Mottled with fly droppings photo mural, grannies as 'waitresses' and a restroom like from a closed station in a provincial town - this was an open-air museum, but for visiting museums, people pay. "
The exhibition is organized thanks to the support of the City of PoznaƄ.
Ewa Meissner thanks very much the sponsor of the exhibition, the Artibo Polska  company, for the production of the exhibition: printing and binding.
Artibo is a combination of passion for photography and innovative printing technologies. Available professionalism, modern design and the cultivation of the printing tradition of the 21st century are the foundations on which Artibo bases its activity. Low-cost printing of books, fine-art prints and materials dedicated to self-publishing are the main areas of specialization. Artibo co-organizes and supports initiatives in the field of photography, graphics and other visual arts.